NuMOM Natural Milk Enhancer

What is NuMOM Natural Milk Enhancer?

NuMOM Natural Milk Enhancer is a product that is meant to help increase breast milk production in breast feeding mothers. NuMOM Natural Milk Enhancer prides itself on being a “natural” way to increase lactation. To take NuMOM Natural Milk Enhancer, NuMom recommends taking up to six pills a day – two before each meal. According to the packaging, NuMOM Natural Milk Enhancer should be taken at higher dosages initially, and then weaned off of as your breast milk flow improves.

Should I take NuMOM Natural Milk Enhancer?

Are you having trouble producing enough milk for your baby? Although it is rare that a mother cannot naturally provide sufficient breast milk for her baby – it does occur. In these cases, products like NuMOM Natural Milk Enhancer can help you.

NuMOM Natural Milk Enhancer uses 100%natural herbs that are taken in the form of a gelatin based capsule.

Although NuMOM Natural Milk Enhancer is not dangerous, moms should know that you should not take NuMOM Natural Milk Enhancer if you have diabetes or hypoglycemia. If you have any allergies to ragweed or to the chrysanthemum family, you should not take NuMOM Natural Milk Enhancer. As always, you should also talk to you doctor before beginning to take NuMOM Natural Milk Enhancer or any other herbal remedy.

How does NuMOM Natural Milk Enhancer work?

NuMOM Natural Milk Enhancer works by using traditional herbal remedies that have long been used by new moms to increase breast milk production. These herbs are blessed thistle and fenugreek.

As with many herbal remedies, different people have different opinions about how and why they work. However, researchers believe that these herbs contain lactation factors in their fatty acids, which help aid a woman’s body in producing more milk. Blessed thistle is also thought to actually increase blood flow to the mammary glands in a woman’s breasts, which may help the breast feeding process.

How much does NuMOM Natural Milk Enhancer cost?

One bottle of NuMOM Natural Milk Enhancer containing 90 capsules costs $19.50. Depending on your usage, this may only supply you with 15 days worth of capsules. NuMOM does offer discounts when you buy more than one bottle. When you buy two or three bottles, the price goes down to $18.75, and if you buy four bottles, each one will cost you only $17.37

Overall rating of NuMOM Natural Milk Enhancer

One of the things I really like about NuMOM Natural Milk Enhancer is that it comes in capsule form. Personally, I much prefer to take a pill (especially a capsule) instead of drinking tea or taking a liquid supplement. Capsules are easy to swallow and easy for your body to absorb.

NuMOM Natural Milk Enhancer also uses two of the most trusted herbs in the world of lactation help. Fenugreek and blessed thistle are two herbs that have been used widely and frequently across the world and throughout history. My only mild criticism of NuMOM Natural Milk Enhancer is that it could have included a higher concentration of herbs.

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We continue to see more and more positive reviews for this product from consumers and soon it won't be long until this product starts to hit the shelves at stores across the country. Currently Mamarafil is only available online but it is backed by their famous lifetime guarantee. If you are not satisfied you can return it for a full refund!

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Profenlac is still preferred as the supplement of choice among most nurses and mothers. The ingredients are safe and effective helping to provide the baby with the nutrition needed.

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Most women continue to use this product becasue they have in the past but Mothers Milk will need to update their formula if they hope to move back to the top spot.

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